Granny Got Rims

Facebook Photo Fail: Granny got Rims

These are gonna go great on my Impala!

Is this some internet meme we missed out on? Why would a grandma be digging around a scrapyard for gigantic rims? And why only one? Is she the world’s pimpinest geriatric unicyclist? Look out y’all, granny got game…

Ghost of Girlfriends Present Fail

"My girlfriend's pretty, I swear. Just not when she smiles."

Like vampires, bed bugs and certain types of bacteria, the couple’s Facebook profile pose will never die. That said, if you’re going to put your significant other in your photo, you probably shouldn’t pick a photo where their face is all blurry, right? What kind of message does that send? Either 1) you’re dating a ghost, or 2) your girlfriend is a real hose beast. Both prospects are bleak.


Cute Dog, Scary Unibrow Fail

Pet or snack? You decide.

This isn’t your average run-of-the-mill cute puppy shot.  If it were, there wouldn’t be a giant set of eyes and eyebrow behind said adorable puppy. It’s like a way more terrifying version of puppy bowl.


Our First Timeline Photo Fail

Facebook Photo Fail: Timeline Fail

It's called FACEbook, amiright?!?!

WOAH THERE, back up lady!

So you switched your Facebook profile to the new timeline profile layout, but instead of choosing some cool, artistic picture for the large background photo, you just slapped a GIGANTIC pic of your face, which is slightly reminiscent of that painting The Scream — you know, the one where the person is going insane and grabbing their head?

And then your smaller photo is mostly some dude? Well timeline is good for one thing, we guess — double profile photo fails.

“Get out” Baby Win

"No, you get out." "No, you get out"

This is a pretty advanced baby. Not only does it have a Facebook account, but it also knows how to photo shop ironic pictures with catchy sayings. It also has a really great death gaze. All around win.

Angsty Teen Clown Guy

Facebook Photo Fail: The Clown Prince

Don't you just wanna be my friend?

If your profile picture is public, you probably shouldn’t wear a creepy clown mask and flip off the entire internet. It’s going to be pretty awkward when your mom tries to add you as a friend, angsty teen clown guy.

And what the hell is with the Michael Jordan headband?

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